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Offensive Behavior, a novel by Andrew P. Cohen, is a fast paced tale of covert ops, international intrigue, espionage with a little back-stabbing thrown in for good measure. 

It tells the story of bodyguard reluctantly turned special operator Terry “Rowdy” Calhoun, a man with little to live for. Calhoun doesn't set out looking for trouble, it seems to always beat a path to his door. 

Always quick to proclaim his innocence, the truth is a mistress “Rowdy” has a casual relationship with. 

Once you open this book, you will find yourself turning the pages faster than “Rowdy” Calhoun empties a 9mm magazine. You will catch yourself looking over your shoulder after reading this incredible tale of Calhoun and his crew of international operators.  

Everyone has a price, so what would you do for 5 million dollars?

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